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More electric scooters coming to Portland, to total 2,630

Riders took 253,690 e-scooter trips and traveled about 307,456.5 miles in 2018.

PORTLAND, Oregon — The  Bolt company can deploy 14 more scooters and Spin can add 116 more under a new agreements with those companies and the Portland Bureau of Transportation.

They met requirements for PBOT’s safety incentives program, including advancement in safety, equity, and environmental goals, according to a release.

The city also issued a new permit to Bird, letting that company deploy 525 scooters.

The latest e-scooter additions bring the present number of e-scooters permitted in the city to 2,630. 

During its initial 10-week pilot program in 2018, PBOT noted that riders took 253,690 scooter trips and traveled about 307,456.5 miles.  Multnomah County health officials tracked 46 emergency medical visits related to e-scooters and PBOT received 16 reports of e-scooter collisions.

A  June report said there were more than 700,000 trips taken from July 23, 2018 through Nov. 20, 2018, spanning 801,887 total miles. The average trip lasted 1.15 miles, and there were a total of 2,043 scooters on Portland streets. 

Some  176 people went to emergency rooms over scooter injuries during that time span.

Report: More than half of e-scooter injuries involve head injuries

Responding to public input collected during the city’s 2018 e-scooter pilot program, the city issued warnings and fines to e-scooter companies which passed them onto their riders. From April 26 through July 31, PBOT issued 340 warnings and fines, most in response to illegal parking and sidewalk riding.

Scooters returned to Portland streets in April after the 2018 trial period.