ALOHA, Ore. — Dozens gathered Sunday for a vigil for missing Washington County mother Erin McClintock.

"You all being out here means so much," Erin McClintock's ex-husband Reed McClintock told the crowd.

Erin's friends organized the vigil to keep the search for her going.

"I've just felt really helpless and wanted to raise awareness and wanted to bring her home," said Erin's friend Katie Lopez.

The mother of three vanished after dropping her kids off at Aloha High School on Monday, Oct. 21. Erin's supervisor called when she didn't show up for work in Hillsboro that day. Her family desperately wants to know what happened.

Erin McClintock Missing
Missing Aloha, Ore. mother Erin McClintock

"I don't know," Reed McClintock said. "I am turning over every rock I can think of to find her, any clue. We've gone through the house, I don't know how many times, just looking, searching for any type of anything. She always has her phone on and it's not on."

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Her disappearance has left a gaping hole in the tight-knit Aloha community.

"I've known Erin for seven years and she was at every single football game and this last football game she wasn't there in her signature spot and we all felt it," said Samantha Christopher, one of Erin's friends who helped organize the vigil.

On Thursday, a friend spotted Erin's car parked outside the Tualatin Hills Aquatic Center. The Washington County Sheriff's Office searched it for DNA and fingerprints, but said they didn't find any signs of a struggle or foul play. Even so, detectives aren't ruling out anything.

Missing Oregon mother Erin McClintock's car
The car of missing Aloha, Ore. mother Erin McClintock was found outside the Tualatin Hills Aquatic Center.

"We need to get her home and we need to know she's OK. That's critical, that's what I would ask everybody, please help me get my boys' mom home, or at least know that she's OK,” Reed McClintock said.

Friends plan to organize a search party to check the area where the car was found soon.

If you know anything that could help, you are asked to call the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at 503-629-0111.

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