A Medford snowboarder who disappeared Sunday and spent two nights alone near Mount Ashland was found alive Tuesday morning.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office said 27-year-old Eli Kepsel received medical attention for hypothermia, but he was able to talk with rescuers. He was cold but in good spirits, rescuers said.

A search team from Klamath County was patrolling a U.S. Forest Service Road north of the mountain when Kepsel appeared on the hillside above the road, the Jackson County Sheriff's Office said.

Kepsel told rescuers that he heard sounds made by searchers, including sirens and a helicopter, but he was disoriented and he was not able to signal back.

Kepsel said he was not prepared to spend the night in the backcountry. He told rescuers he sheltered under a tree canopy each night.

Kepsel went to Mount Ashland Ski Area Sunday morning. The sheriff's office said his mother reported him missing Monday morning.

Mount Ashland Ski Patrol members found his vehicle parked at the ski area and notified search and rescue teams.