PORTLAND, Ore. -- Two towers proposed for the location currently taken up by the post office facility in the Pearl District would dwarf anything now standing in Portland.

One would soar more than 970 feet into the air and be connected by a massive glass bridge nearly 700 feet above the ground to a second tall tower.

They are the idea of developers Daniel Kaven and his brother.

It’s one of many ideas expected for the post office property which city leaders are calling the Broadway Corridor.

Kaven said it’s time for Portland to take the limit off tall buildings so the city can expand upward and increase density downtown.

“If we just take the limit off some of the height downtown, private development will come in there and develop huge buildings in there and then people will be able to live and do what they need to do, downtown,” he said.

He envisions as many as 50,000 people living around his plan for the development.