UPDATE: After 60,000 views and shares of restaurant surveillance video, police Thursday afternoon arrested career criminal Robert Bilbruck, 62, of Salem, according to the Statesman Journal.

SALEM, Ore. – The owner of BlondZee's Restaurant Dining and Lounge in Salem wants deputies to find the man who stole thousands of dollars from a safe in the restaurant office.

Melissa Lucas, the owner, said the man was hovering in the parking lot the night before, and on Wednesday morning slipped through an unlocked door into the office.

Surveillance video shows the man in the office for less than three minutes, where he found an unlocked safe, and can be seen stuffing money down his pants before leaving the building.

“He had to wait for the right opportunity,” said Lucas.

For Lucas, this restaurant is home. She worked her way up from waitress to owner, and says it's a combination of unfortunate events that the door and safe happened to be unlocked at that very moment, but perhaps fortunate no one walked back into the office when the man committed the crime, including her pregnant daughter.

“Had she walked in there, and he had his hands all over that money, he would've been like a caged animal,” said Lucas. “It's very, very scary. It's very violating.”

She posted the video on Facebook, where it has since been shared more than 1,000 times, and has generated tips. In fact, some people think the man is the same man who stole money for a bar in Dallas back in September.

The Marion County Sheriff's Office can't confirm this, but tells KGW News they are looking into all leads. They are asking the public to call them with any tips, as this investigation continues.