SALEM, Ore. -- Salem police continue to investigate the death of a 34-year-old man who was found floating in Pringle Creek on Monday morning.

On Wednesday, police identified the dead man as Dustin Martin Crowe. There were no obvious signs of trauma to Crowe's body.

Police are asking for help determining what Crowe was doing or where he was prior to his death. Police say his body was not in the water very long before it was discovered.

A passerby spotted Crowe's body while walking along the pedestrian path near Salem City Hall and contacted 9-1-1 around 8:45 a.m., said Lt. Dave Okada, a Salem police spokesman.

The Salem Fire Department water rescue team was called in to recover the body from the swift moving waters of the creek.

According to Salem police Lt. Steve Birr, a pillar stopped Crowe's body from moving further downstream. As of 9:30 a.m., the body remained in the water.

Anyone with information on this investigation should call Detective Dan Tallan at 503-540-2332.

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