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Portland pot dispensary delivers for free, wants to be the 'Amazon Prime Now for marijuana'

One customer said some people feel judged when they walk into a dispensary, which makes home delivery such a great option. "I don't feel judged," she said.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Free pot delivery has come to Portland.

The company behind it, Diem Cannabis, is trying to differentiate itself in a booming statewide marijuana industry.

Online: Visit the Diem Cannabis website

The founders of Diem Cannabis say they were one of the first to get a delivery license in Portland.

Kelsey Woodward has been a medical marijuana patient for the last four years. She has chronic back and neck pain.

“Some days it's really easy to get out of the house, some days it's not,” Woodward said.

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That's why she jumped at the opportunity when Diem Cannabis launched its free delivery service in October of last year.

Customers pull up the Diem website on their phone or computer, then choose from about 150 products to place their order. Staff at Diem start filling the order. Discreet bags with child-proof locks are used.

Frank Kanekoa is Diem's co-founder. He said at first business was slow, but now things are picking up steam.

“We're growing every day. We had our best week ever just a couple weeks ago,” Kanekoa said.

Once the order is filled, a driver hits the road.

“We always try to get to you within the hour,” said Theresa O’Hanlon, who is a delivery driver for Diem.

“Then it's a signature and we check your ID and it's very straightforward,” said Kanekoa.

Kanekoa said Amazon Prime Now was the model for their business.

“We wanted to offer free delivery as quick as we possibly could and, wouldn't quite say we're Amazon yet. But we're building towards that. We'd love to be considered the Amazon Prime Now of marijuana,” Kanekoa said.

Competitors like Green Box, Kush Cart, and Rip City Delivery, are also operating delivery services as Diem continues to grow its business. Customers like Woodward said they'll continue to take advantage of Diem's free delivery and convenience factor.

“I don't feel judged,” she said.

Woodward said some people feel judged just being seen walking into a dispensary, so home delivery is the easier option.

Right now Kanekoa said Diem Cannabis is licensed to deliver pot in Salem and Portland.

Delivery is free with a $30 minimum purchase.

Kanekoa said Diem was founded on the principle of giving access to medical patients as well as providing experiences to recreational users.

Kanekoa took pride in the Diem insignia that illustrates a central sun, with artistic lines that denote the movements of the sun, water, air and earth.

“It’s kind of an ode to mother nature,” he said.