(The video in this story is from October 2018. Comedian and actor Jim Belushi talks about growing pot in Southern Oregon.)

SALEM, Ore. -- The Senate and House have both passed a bill that would create the legal infrastructure for interstate shipping of marijuana between states where pot is legal.

Though legal in those individual states, the transport of pot is still illegal under federal law.

Supporters of the bill, Sen. Floyd Prozanski of Eugene and Rep. Ken Helm of Beaverton, want Oregon to be ready to go should the fed restrictions change.

Gov. Kate Brown has said she supports Senate Bill 582 .

Before the vote, Rep. Rob Nosse compared the situation now facing Oregon pot producers to Florida orange growers only being able to sell oranges in Florida.

Rep. Lynn Findley said the federal government is showing no signs of budging on marijuana laws and SB 582 comes too soon.

"It's like doing financial planning because I'm going to win the Megabucks lottery," he told fellow House members.

The bill mandates that any pot that is sent to another state meet "public health and safety standards." Marijuana would be sold only to authorized producers in states.

The law kicks in when "The United States Department of Justice issues an opinion or memorandum allowing or tolerating the interstate transfer of marijuana items between authorized marijuana related businesses."

"All we need is for the feds to get out of the way," Nosse said.

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