PORTLAND, Ore. -- A Portland man is frustrated after getting a ticket in front of his home. The Portland Bureau of Transportation says it put the no-parking zone there for a new and safer school bus stop location.

But the Reynolds School District's Transportation Director says there is actually no stop there.

Adam Szymanski doesn't deny he parked in a no-parking zone in Northeast Portland.

“I mean yeah, I was like five feet in the zone,” he said.

The new signs had been up for a couple weeks, but he says he couldn't resist since the no parking rule made no sense. He woke up to a $95 ticket.

“Every time I call the city they tell me the same thing,” said Szymanski. “They tell me we needed to move the stop because of the homeless population. Well OK the busses aren't stopping there. They are still parking up there.”

A Portland Bureau of Transportation spokesperson says the no-parking zone was put in because a school bus stop had to be moved. Parents had complained their kids were getting picked up and dropped off next to a homeless camp.

But Szymanski says he's been watching and that's not the case. Video on his phone and video KGW shot today shows the school busses stopping in all sorts of places, but not in the no-parking zone.

“If they were actually using the zone than that would be a different story. But I haven't seen a single bus stop here in over a month since the signs went up,” said Szymanski.

The Director of Transportation for the Reynold's School district says there has actually not been any changes to bus stops in the recent months. Leaving Szymanski to wonder why he and his neighbors can't park in front of their homes.

“Why do they take away all our parking?”

A Spokesperson for PBOT says more communication with the school district may be needed. In the meantime he said there are plenty of other spots nearby Szymanski can use.