PORTLAND, Ore. — The CEO of Columbia Sportswear, Tim Boyle, has a message for leaders in Washington D.C.: Open the parks.

The company posted the statement on their social media pages. It reads, "Make America's Parks Open Again." It goes on to say, "Walls shouldn't block access to parks, and federal workers shouldn't be left out in the cold. Work together to open our parks."

Boyle says the message is directed at those in power.

"This seemed to be one of the ways we felt was one of the most critical things about composing this ad is it needed to be crisp. It needed to be attention-getting, and hopefully it needs to get some action. So we'll see."

He says the parks were meant to be enjoyed and protected, not closed and neglected.

"These are gems that our government has set aside as places as refuge for our citizens. Places where tourists come from all over the world to visit. And those need to be protected and preserved, and frankly, used as well," Boyle said.

Across the country, garbage has been piling up, with volunteers offering to help pick up the mess.

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Boyle knows the message won't sit well with everyone, but felt the message needed to be said.

"When we see something that we feel strongly about, we'll say something, and frankly, I still don't know why anybody cares what I think," He said.