Gresham Police are searching for the man who beat up a Lyft driver, breaking his nose and injuring his brain.

Parham Rabiee tells KGW he picked up two men from a house and was taking them to a restaurant in the Oregon Trail Shopping Center on Nov. 29.

He says during the ride, one passenger was so intoxicated, he was passed out in the back seat. The other passenger, in the front seat, was being rude, cursing, and using racial slurs.

When they made it to their stop, Rabiee got out to help the man out of the back seat. That's when he says the passenger in the front came around and attacked him.

"He hit me in the head, then when I fell down, he started kicking me in the face and my nose," recalled Rabiee.

The suspect took off in another vehicle before police got on scene.

Rabiee says if he could talk to the suspect he would tell him, "I believe in Karma and I believe if you do something wrong it comes back to you, and I hope you would understand when I was working with you, the whole thing was for $20 that I did for almost an hour, but if he was driving his own car, he could have killed someone or gotten a DUII."

Doctors have told Rabiee he can't drive for at least two weeks. He's also going to have surgery on his nose.

He told KGW he's scared thinking about going back to work.

A teacher of Rabiee's set up a Gofundme page to help him cover expenses during that time.