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Lines for Life answers mental health questions during social isolation on Reddit

KGW partnered with Lines for Life on Friday to host a Reddit AMA to answer your questions about maintaining mental wellness during social isolation.

You've probably heard this phrase a lot lately: "We're all in this together." It may be a bit trite by this point, but it's also true.Social isolation due to COVID-19 affects people across all parts of our society.

The isolation and stress is overwhelming for many people and it's common for people to have thoughts of despair, especially right now during the coronavirus outbreak.

That's why KGW partnered with Lines for Life (a non-profit dedicated to preventing substance abuse and suicide) on Friday to host a Reddit AMA.The focus of the live chat was answering your questions about maintaining mental wellness and coping with the adverse affects of social isolation.

The questions were answered by Greg Borders, clinical director of Lines for Life, Dwight Holton, executive director of Lines for Life, and myself, John Tierney, KGW's assistant news director. 

You can read every answer on Reddit and we've highlighted some of the questions below. 

And remember, if you find yourself needing to talk to someone, Lines for Life operates a 24/7 lifeline where someone is always available to help. Their number is 800-273-TALK (8255).

"What are some of the best actions people can take in support of ourselves and one another? "

"I hate being home because I am a single mom and it's very lonely and hard ... How do I get out of my head?"

"What would you suggest for a partner living with someone affected by depression and suicidal thoughts? How can the partner be a support?"

"How do I maintain a positive attitude when I am cooped up in the same surroundings day after day, week after week, and now month after month?"

"I've lost my job ... how do I change my perspective when everything seems hopeless?"

"I am leading a team. What kinds of things should I be on the look out in my team members to identify if they are starting to lose it?"

"What's realistic for managing our work behaviors while at home? Should we expect the same out of ourselves (or our coworkers or employees), or not?"

"I’m starting to loose motivation to do anything. I’m kind of just becoming numb, is there anything I could do to help this?"

"I'm an essential employee that works in acute mental health care. I've been struggling to deal with the new responsibilities of being the only one that should leave my house while still working long hours ... Is there anything you would recommend for helping with juggling these issues?"

"Do you think we will see an increase in domestic violence from people being locked up with abusive spouses?"

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