Remember the story about the lineman who got a drink thrown at him by a woman over power outages?

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A woman dumped her drink on a lineman when she saw him grabbing lunch after working a 12-hour shift.

The woman yelled, "You have time to eat, but not fix my power...You make me sick." She followed this rude outburst by dumping her soda all over him. He was apparently so shocked by her actions, he just stood there and went along with his day.

Well, that same man responded to our 11Alive's Kaitlyn Ross after the original story was posted to our website and Facebook page.

In his response, he writes:

"I am truly blown away by the all the love and support I'm getting from everyone. I'm blessed with the best family, friends and work family anyone could ever ask for. I can assure you that all of this support and gratitude has had a far greater impact on me and my family than anything negative that sorry excuse for a lady did. I don't know how to begin to thank you all for having my back like this. There are truly no words to describe how appreciative I am."

Handled with true class.