YACOLT, Wash. — It has been one year since teenager Jordan Holgerson was pushed off a Washington bridge. 

Video of Taylor Smith pushing Holgerson off the Moulton Falls Bridge in 2018 went viral and drew national attention.

Holgerson suffered broken ribs and punctured lungs in the roughly 60-foot fall into the Lewis River. 

Smith ended up pleading guilty to reckless endangerment and was sentenced to a couple days in jail and community service.

(Warning: video contains profanity)

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The risk of serious injuries like Holgerson's has not deterred thrill-seekers from jumping off the bridge.

Over the course of a couple of days, 12 people were caught on camera leaping off the ledge and risking injury. This happened despite new signs that say no jumping or diving.

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Clark County officials said this kind of thing is difficult to regulate.

“I have lots of people with other suggestions: putting up fences, posting guards, things like that. If I put a fence up, what happens if somebody crawls over the fence and then they get tangled in the fence?” Clark County Manager Shawn Henessee said.

Emergency responders say they get called out to the spot two or three times a year. Many worry it's a matter of time before someone else gets seriously hurt.

Despite the "no jumping" signs, people who jump won't get in trouble because there's no county ordinance banning it.  And county staff could expel people from the area due to the sign, but a county official would have to witness the act first.

Clark County could change that, but Henessee said it's a matter of resources. If there were a guard at the bridge 24 hours a day, for example, that would mean taking away resources from somewhere else.

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