PORTLAND, Ore.— The stepmother of missing Portland boy Kyron Horman has moved out of Oregon. In October, Terri Horman changed her Oregon driver’s license to an address in Sacramento, California.

A judge described Terri Horman as a prime suspect in her stepson’s disappearance. Kyron Horman was last seen at Skyline School on June 4, 2010. He's never been found.

Terri Horman has not been charged in the case.

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In August 2014, Terri Horman tried to change her name to Claire Stella Sullivan. During a court hearing, Horman said she wanted a new name to “start over a new life without the stigma of Horman attached to it.” A Douglas County judge denied that request.

Four months later, Horman applied for another name change in Lane County. She wanted to change her name to Claire Kisiel, but later withdrew the request.

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Horman was not available for comment.

A woman answered the phone at the Sacramento address, but declined to confirm if Terri Horman was living there.

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