PORTLAND, Ore. – Desiree Young had one message for Terri Horman following Horman’s interview with People Magazine: If you’re innocent, help us find Kyron.

“My first reaction is if you’re innocent and you want to fix this, then call the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office and sit down and interview,” Young said. “I think she needs to sit down with law enforcement as many times as it takes to clear herself.”

Horman told People that she did not kill her stepson Kyron Horman, who vanished from Skyline Elementary School in 2010.

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Young, Kyron’s mother, says if that’s the case, then help investigators find the boy who was 7 years old when he vanished.

“She needs to answer the hard questions and when she can do that, we can bring Kyron home,” Young said.

Horman acknowledged to People that she took Kyron to a science fair at his school on June 4. She said she brought him inside, took photos and then left – and that’s the last time she ever saw him.

Kyron Horman went missing on June, 4, 2010 from Skyline grade school in Northwest Portland.
Kyron Horman went missing on June, 4, 2010 from Skyline grade school in Northwest Portland.

Horman said she didn't know anything was wrong until hours later, when she waited for Kyron to step off of his school bus and the driver told her he was not there.

“She was the only person that was responsible for ensuring his safety that day and she failed,” Young said.

Raw video: Desiree Young on Terri Horman's People interview

Horman told People that she did everything she could to help investigators, but soon felt like “an outsider.”

Weeks into the investigation, she failed a polygraph test.

“Finish with the polygraphs,” Young said. “You don’t fail polygraphs unless you’re lying, so tell the truth. Let’s clear you.”

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Horman blamed the failed test on the deafness in her left ear, explaining it was hard to understand the person administering the test, who was sitting behind her.

Young said Horman, who moved to the Sacramento, Calif. area last October, refuses to sit down and talk with her.

“I don’t want people to lose focus,” Young said. “The public needs to ask the questions, why five and a half years of silence if she’s innocent? Why hide if you’re innocent?”

Young believes that Horman did the interview with People for a cash-grab.

"I think Terri has come out because she needs money," she said. "I think Kyron is the one who should be focused on and not Terri."

People Magazine vehemently denied that any money was involved in getting the interview.

"That's absurd. People does not pay for interviews. Rumors of a book deal are false," said People spokeswoman Caitlin Faford.

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With the search now five and half years old, Young is still optimistic that new resources and evidence will determine what happened to Kyron.

“I’m going to be here until Kyron comes home,” she said.

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