At KGW, we’re constantly working to give you the best news experience. We’ve been thinking recently about how we present information to you. That’s why we’ve developed a new look we hope will be more enjoyable, more useful and an overall better way to watch the news.

Our new look premieres December 12. Here’s a sneak peek.

How we developed this new look

Everything you’ll see was based on audience feedback. Viewers told us to ensure graphics did not intrude on content. We’ve created a look that keeps your screen as clean as possible.

What’s different?

We heard your request for relevant information on the screen, especially during breaking news. A story bar and a breaking news information list will show the most important details of any story.

You also said you want know what’s coming up next. You’ve told us that’s one of the most useful parts of your viewing experience. We’re moving the lineup information to the right of the screen. It’ll now have both headlines and pictures to show you what’s ahead.

Down the line, we’ll be adding a time stamp so you know exactly when that story will appear in the show. We’ll also give you an abbreviated look at what’s coming up next via large, full screen graphics.

The weather forecast

Our new forecast features colorful, streamlined icons, similar to what you see online. As our KGW meteorologists share the forecast, each day will be highlighted.

Color and images

Throughout all our shows, you’ll notice vibrant colors. Gold in the mornings, orange at noon, purple in the early evening and dark blue at night.

Most importantly, we’ll feature beautiful imagery from across Oregon and Southwest Washington. We love where we live more than anything and will take any opportunity to show it off!

We hope you’ll like this new experience from KGW and welcome your feedback. It all starts December 12!