PORTLAND, Ore. -- About a foot of snow fell on Portland, beginning Tuesday evening and ending Wednesday, in a record snowstorm, one of the largest in history.

The National Weather Service reports 8 inches for the official total, while downtown Portland picked up just shy of a foot at 11.8 inches. Snow amounts climbed to 15 inches in spots, topping the 2008 storm that saw just over 9 inches on average.

"I find it hard to believe that the official total is 8 inches. That would mean only 1.5 inches fell Wednesday between midnight and the time it stopped snowing," said KGW meteorologist Rod Hill. "But that's what's going in the record books."

The NWS is measuring this week's storm against other historic storms, including a 1995 snowstorm and the snowy winter of 1980.

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On Feb. 12, 1995, downtown Portland officially measured 10 inches of snow while 12 inches was recorded at the NWS site near the airport.

On Jan. 8-9, 1980, the airport officially measured 7.5 inches, but that storm dumped up to 20 inches of snow over many days.

The most snow ever for one storm was recorded in 1943, with 15.5 inches in downtown Portland and 14.4 inches at the NWS site.

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As far as winter snow totals go, this is already a big one, the biggest year since 2008-2009.

But that one will be hard to top: That winter saw 23.7 inches of total snowfall.

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