HOOD RIVER, Ore. — The city of Hood River issued a 48-hour boil water notice Monday, after a water main break Sunday night. The boil advisory impacted homes and businesses in downtown Hood River from Sherman to Columbia Avenues east of 9th St.

Many businesses closed their doors but some stayed open, including Double Mountain Brewery.

“We had kegged up several palettes of water we keep on hand at all times,” said Double Mountain Brewery owner Matt Swihart. "We brought those up today so we could still stay in business.”

To conserve their boiled water supply, Swihart closed a couple restrooms, set up temporary water stations for hand washing and staff only served drinking water upon request.

“He does have a good filtration system so he has good water,” quipped customer Gregg Hanners. “The beer wouldn't be as good without good water.”

Swihart planned to boil 600 gallons of water Monday night in a giant kettle typically used to brew beer. He expected that water should get them through the week if necessary and said they would be happy to share it with the public.

The city said impacted customers should follow the boil water advisory until they confirm the water is safe to drink and free from harmful bacteria.
They expected that would happen within 48 hours.

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