PORTLAND, Ore. – The Village of Hope made its presence known at City Hall on Wednesday, but took a more quiet tone than the group did the week before.

Members and supporters of the group that wants to establish a long-term homeless village had one person speak before the city council as the rest held signs as they stood behind her.


Their message was a request, that the city meet and work with them to find a plot of land they could use to establish their village.

“They would like ... a small space of their own — it is only right that they have a small place to take care of and to sleep,” Starr Stauffer told city leaders.

Starr Stauffer speaks before the Portland City Council as the Village of Hope group looks on. (Photo: Tim Gordon, KGW)

After their appearance inside, some in the group chanted, “We’ll be back,” before leaving the building.

So far, the group says city leaders have not been willing to sit down with them and discuss creating a homeless village.