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Homeless woman hit while sleeping in tent battling injuries, nightmares

Lisa Baker, 56, is at OHSU recovering from lower leg injuries after she was hit by a car while sleeping inside a tent next to an I-205 on-ramp on Nov. 2.

Maggie Vespa

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Lying in her hospital bed in a private room at OHSU, painkillers and sleep aids coarse through Lisa Barker’s veins.

The latter were prescribed to stop the night terrors.

"Reliving the accident," she said, describing the dreams. "Really bad. When I got hit, I hear the screeching, the gravel and then, 'Boom!' The car is on me. And then I wake up breathless, totally out of breath."

Each time she opens her eyes, she's faced once again with her new, devastating reality.

At 56 years old, the Portland native will spend weeks recovering and rehabilitating.

In short, she’s learning how to walk again.

"It was just like 'BAM!' That quick," Barker said. "Like I said, 'The Wizard of Oz' when the house came down on the witch. It was pretty weird."

WARNING: This story contains graphic images.