The city of Portland wants your run down, rusted out RV, and they’re willing to pay for the disposal of it.


Portland has been besieged with problems from RVs being occupied by homeless campers, which has frustrated neighborhoods and business owners.

Background: More homeless people parking RVs in neighborhoods

Next month PBOT, in conjunction with Metro and Portland police, plans to hold a Free RV Disposal Turn-In Day.

It’s scheduled for Sunday, October 29, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Portland International Raceway South Paddock.

The bureau's release explains that “the disposal cost of older RVs is a barrier to people who no longer want to own the vehicles. RV owners are faced with options of keeping the older vehicles in their possession, and pay a significant amount to dispose of it, or donating/giving it away.”

The city will pay for the disposal of all RVs turned in at the event.

Across the city, RVs have been given away for free or for low cost, which has led to an spate of occupied RVs parked for long durations in residential and industrial neighborhoods. Some of the RVs are later abandoned and have caught fire as well.

PBOT officials have said in the past they receive more than 100 complaints a day about abandoned or illegally parked RVs.

Back in June, the Bureau announced a new program called “Community Care Tows” to remove the RVs within 72 hours.

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Requirements to Participate:

  • The registered owner of the vehicle must be present to sign over title to the City of Portland. The title must have their name on it.
  • The registered owner must be a City of Portland resident.
  • Only one vehicle per registered owner[i]
  • We will only take vehicles from private parties, no dealerships or businesses.
  • The donated RVs must not contain any personal belongings.
  • The donated RVs must have drained tanks (grey/blackwater).
  • The registered owner is required to get the vehicle to the turn-in location.
  • You must sign up by October 27 for an appointment to participate.

More information on next month’s “Free RV Disposal Turn-In Day” available here