PORTLAND, Ore. — A Hillsboro man could hardly believe his eyes Tuesday as he looked at his bright blue dream car.

Last year, Verl McCown won a 1970 Plymouth Superbird, a replica of NASCAR legend Richard Petty's car, in a national sweepstakes. It was finally delivered to Portland on Tuesday.

PHOTOS: Richard Petty 'dream car' won by Hillsboro man

McCown doesn't remember where he heard about the competition, perhaps on TV. He only entered once and just for fun, he said.

When McCown got the call that he was a finalist in the competition, he said he thought he was being scammed. Once he realized the call was real, he sent his sister and nephew to Miami for the final drawing ceremony.

At the ceremony, there were 14 keys, one of which belonged to the winning car. McCown's nephew picked the 10th key, which turned out to be the winner.

“Amazing," McCown said. "Absolutely amazing. You know, you see something on TV, you always wanted one of these cars your entire life and then eight months later they are saying it’s yours. It’s pretty amazing.”

McCown is in a wheelchair, so he'll have to do some modifications, but then he said you'll surely see him driving his dream car around town.