MOUNT HOOD, Ore. -- A hiker missing on Mount Hood was found alive in good condition at the bottom of a canyon on Tuesday.

Chris Houck, 51, of Seattle, was rescued and brought out at Timberline Lodge.

Houck told reporters at the lodge he was "feeling great" after a night out in the snow.

"It was cold. Did a little walking, did a little shoveling, dug a snow cave," said Houck. "It was a beautiful night. The stars were out. I was waiting for the Northern Lights, but they never made an appearance."

The Mountain Wave Search and Rescue team told KGW that Houck got lost Monday afternoon on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Houck said he lost his bearings in white-out conditions.

Searchers made contact with him on his cellphone and told him to make a snow cave to wait out the night.

Houck eventually made three different snow caves, he said.

"It was just good to keep moving. I didn't mind that the first snow cave failed," said Houck.

Houck said he spent about 40 minutes of each hour in a snow cave. He had an emergency blanket with him and some extra hand warmers. He said he spent the remaining time walking.

Searchers found Houck's empty snow cave Tuesday morning. Rescuers in a search plane spotted him in a canyon, according to the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office, and guided ground crews to the area.

Houck said he walked for five hours before he spotted a rescue crew Tuesday morning. They had plenty of hot tea and chocolate chips, he said.

"Those guys are a bunch of great guys," said Houck, speaking about his rescuers.

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