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Here are the early results for Clark County special election

The ballot includes the Vancouver mayoral race, a measure to increase funding for jails and buy deputies body cameras and a Battle Ground school tax levy.

CLARK COUNTY, Wash. — Preliminary results for Clark County's special election came in Tuesday evening. This year's ballot includes the Vancouver mayoral race as well as a measure to help fund body cameras for sheriff's deputies and a tax levy for the Battle Ground School District.

As of the most recent update at 8 p.m. Tuesday, 59,644 votes had been counted with an estimated 25,000 left to count.

Vancouver mayoral race

Early results show incumbent Anne McEnerny-Ogle with more than two-thirds of the vote for her re-election as Vancouver's mayor. Her challenger is Earl Bowerman, whose past work experience is primarily in higher education. 

McEnerny-Ogle, who had the most votes by far in the May primary, has cited her four decades of public service as the type of experience people want in the city of Vancouver. 

“For the last 41 years I've been working in this community to keep it safe and welcoming and prosperous and vibrant,” said McEnerny-Ogle.

Bowerman's focus is on improving public safety by hiring more police officers. 

"I’m hands-on oriented, results-oriented and I think public safety is the number one priority and dealing with people who cause problems, in terms of not being able to walk Downtown at night or in the afternoon, and people that cause fear when you’re around them. I think we need to take a close look at our budget and prioritize what's important,” said Bowerman.

Measure to fund Clark County jails

Early results show nearly 56% of voters rejecting a measure to fund Clark County jails. Proponents say the new revenue would free up existing funds to equip Clark County sheriff's deputies with body cameras. 

Proposition 10 would increase funding for jails and juvenile detention facilities in Clark County through a 0.1% sales tax. Funds normally spent on those facilities would then be repurposed to purchase the body cameras.

The tax would take effect April 1, 2022 and last for 10 years, through March 31, 2032. 

Tax levy Battle Ground Public School District

Early results show a proposed tax levy for the Battle Ground Public School District is barely winning with just over 52% of voters in favor. 

If it fails, the district said it will have to cut dozens of staff positions, as well as programs like music, art and theater, and class sizes will increase. 

Opponents of the levy say schools already get enough of their tax dollars and they can't afford to fork over more.

KGW's Ashley Korslien took a closer look at a big battle in a small town over school funding. Watch the video below to learn more.