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Hellboy turns 25 and Gigantic Brewing and Dark Horse are giving us beer

To celebrate our favorite beer chugging demon, Gigantic Brewing company and Dark Horse are releasing 6 Hellboy themed beers.
Credit: KGW

PORTLAND, Ore. — To celebrate "Hellboy: Seed of Destruction"'s 25th birthday, Gigantic Brewing and Dark Horse Comics have come together to create 6 Hellboy inspired beers.

Each beer released is inspired by a Hellboy character and will be a limited 666 cases, because of course it will. The beers will be released over 7 weeks but if you are heading to Emerald City Comic Con you can get a taste early.

The beers will be:

Hellboy, a maple syrup pancake beer, 6.66% abv (haha I see you making jokes)

Liz Sherman, a mole chili stout, 6.66 % abv

Johann Kraus, a citrus wit beer, 6.66 abv

Abe Sapien, an indigo blue fruit ale, 6.66% abv

Blood Queen, a cranberry yuzu sour, 6.66% abv

Trevor Bruttenholm, a British barleywine, 9.99% abv

Each of the drinks is going to have a special Mike Mignola label.

Credit: Gigantic Brewing

So happy birthday to our favorite beer swilling demon, if you can get ahold of one of these cases, you should pour one out for him (but not the whole thing because they sound amazing).