PORTLAND, Ore. -- The heavy weekend rains caused not only minor flooding, but also several small landslides along the Historic Columbia Gorge Highway.

Some residents who were forced to evacuate because of the Eagle Creek Fire last month were told they may have to get out again.

"We just got little things going across our phones... beep, beep... flash flood warning," said Meredith Stewart Wix.

Stewart Wix lives in Dodson. She got the alert on her phone Saturday. The rain was coming down hard.

"With that much rain you get a little unnerved," she said.

She had reason to be worried. Her house sits right across the street from the Eagle Creek burn area.

Saturday night, the creek next to her home washed over old Highway 30.

ODOT says four landslides came down Saturday onto the Historic Columbia River Highway. They all happened along a stretch still closed due to the wildfire.

ODOT gave us photos of the slides but would not allow our crews behind the barricades to get any video.

The agency said it was still too dangerous. In fact, it wouldn't even allow fire crews in on Monday.

"These slides are a good example of why the historic Columbia River Highway is still closed," said Don Hamilton with ODOT. "There is still a lot of danger on this road. a lot of rocks coming down. All of this has to be addressed before we can get the road open again."