PORTLAND, Ore. — UPDATE: Lady has been reunited with her owners.

Original story below.

The Oregon Humane Society and Washington County Animal Services are asking for help locating a lost pug named Lady and reuniting her with her family.

Lady slipped out of an open door on May 18 in the Bethany area of Beaverton. Two good Samaritans found her and brought her to OHS.

The 5-year-old black pug was checked for a microchip, but the information was outdated, according to OHS spokesperson Laura Klink.

The two people who found Lady were directed to bring her to Washington County Animal Services because the dog was a designated as a stray.

But Lady never showed up at the animal services shelter and no one filed a found pet report.

People who found Lady the pug
The two people who found Lady, pictured in this surveillance video from OHS, left with her but did not take her to Washington County Animal Services.
Oregon Humane Society

On Monday, July 22, Multnomah County officials said that the couples reported that they had given Lady to another couple who have not brought the dog into the Washington County Animal Services.

“Lady’s owners are very eager to get her back,” said Jennifer Keene with Washington County Animal Services. “We know that pets can go missing from even the most responsible homes and we are hoping this public plea will encourage whoever has her to bring her to Washington County Animal Services so we can reunite her with her family.”

Washington and Multnomah Counties each have ordinances about the requirements of pet finders.

“This is an unusual situation but a good time to remind the people that any stray pet should go to the local animal services agency where it was found,” said Klink. “By law, the Oregon Humane Society does not accept stray pets.”

Anyone who knows Lady's location is asked to return her to Washington County Animal Services, or call the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at (503) 846-2700.

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