PORTLAND, Ore. — A Multnomah County grand jury determined that a Portland police officer was justified in fatally shooting a man in Southeast Portland on Jan. 6.

Officer Consider Vosu shot and killed 36-year-old Andre C. Gladen at a home in the area of Southeast Market Street and 96th Avenue.

Andre Gladen
Andre C. Gladen
Portland police

Portland police said the incident started when they received a call about a man who was on the property of a residence and refused to leave.

Gladen's family said confusion and blindness put him in harm's way.

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Officer Vusu, a one-year veteran of the police bureau, arrived and found Gladen inside the residence, according to police. 

Officer Vusu, Gladen and the resident were all inside the home when the shooting occurred.

The homeowner, who said he saw the whole thing, said Gladen pulled out a 7-inch knife and cornered the officer, who fired his gun three times, killing him.

Police said Officer Vosu fired his handgun after using his Taser, which was apparently ineffective.

The grand jury ruled that Officer Vosu was acting in self-defense or in the defense of others when he used deadly force.

Gladen had lost an eye and was declared legally blind after being shot in the head years ago in California. His cousin and friends told KGW that Gladen could only see shadows and shapes.

"He had to be very protective of himself and his surroundings because he didn't know who was who," his cousin said.

Knife found at scene
The knife found in the home after the officer-involved shooting.
Portland police