HOOD RIVER, Ore. -- As Portland melted after a Christmas snow storm, Interstate 84 was still treacherous with snow and ice Wednesday.

“We've already seen one car on the side of the road upside down so it is pretty scary,” said Becky Banta.

We caught up with the Bantas after they spent 45 minutes putting on chains. They were heading back home to Utah after celebrating Christmas in Portland.

“Just going slow and praying we make it home safely,” said Banta.

East winds do appear to be loosening an icy grip on the gorge. But temperatures were not quick to respond Wednesday. Many cars slid off the road early in the day and truck drivers chained up on the side. Multnomah Falls was visible behind a freezing fog and visitors couldn't get very far on the ice.

“You could only get to the gate that is right there you couldn't go any further,” said Sarah Kanyer, who was visiting from Seattle.

In Hood River, main roads are plowed, but tires can be seen spinning on side streets.

For kids sledding at Jackson Park it was the perfect amount of snow. Not like the four feet last year.

“After last year I was like 'Oh no!' But now it seems like it is just a bunch of fun and not a disaster,” said one kid on Christmas Break. “There's the fact that your door is not slammed shut with snow. This is so exciting.”

Parents agree.

“We don't wait for the thaw," said Cheryl Rutherford. “We play in the snow, we play in the rain, we play in the ice, and it is fun.”

But for families making their way through wonder if the drive was worth it.

“This is the first time we've traveled over the holidays and I don't know if we want to do it again,” said Banta.

Conditions can change quickly in the gorge. Be prepared for icy spots if you can't avoid traveling.