PORTLAND, Ore. — A schnoz stealing porch pirate is on the loose!

Thieves stole a 2-foot-tall nose decoration from a front porch of a family's southeast Portland home Sunday night.

The Albert family acquired the nostrils after they were thrown out like an old tissue after being used in a photo shoot.

"We just thought it would be funny to bring home," 11-year-old Sayre Albert said.

For the last 12 months, the nose sat still on the front porch. The family decorated the nose for Halloween last year putting a bowl of candy under the nose and a sign that read, "pick one.”

It was a part of their family, never paying attention to it as they left for the day but knowing that it was always there.

"It's just something that we thought was really funny and make us a part of Keep Portland Weird," Sayre said.

Until Monday morning, when Sayre and Dylan were heading to school, their mom noticed something amiss.

Dylan Albert,7, remembers that morning vividly, "My mom came in and said, someone stole the nose! Me and Sayre were just crying!"

Someone had walked up to the porch and gave the porch a nose lift. It's not light either, the nose weighs close to 50 pounds, so the family thinks that someone would've needed a car to take it home.

Sayre and Dylan are now offering a reward of $6.27 because their mom said that the $2000 that Dylan first wanted to offer was a little too steep.

If you know where the nose is, the family would like it back with "nose questions asked."