A Forest Grove woman is one of 61 people confirmed to have coronavirus on a cruise ship in Japan.

Rebecca Frasure and her husband Kent were on board the Diamond Princess along with 3,700 passengers quarantined at a dock in Yokohama.

Ship officials told passengers on Thursday that 61 people on board have been diagnosed with coronavirus.

Rebecca says she is running a fever and a bit of a cough but doesn’t have many other symptoms. She is optimistic that health officials can prevent it from getting worse.

"For everyone back home, we're going to get this taken care of they won't let us come home until that happens," she told KGW.

Rebecca was expected to be transferred via ambulance to a hospital. She said a number of them had pulled up to the dock. Her husband must remain on board.

Save for a potential language barrier, she see no problems with her time in the hospital. She just wishes Kent could be there.

Passengers are confined to their rooms. They have been told they could be stuck there for up to 14 days, the time it takes to make sure they aren’t infected.

Rebecca said that after a hospital stay of several days, she might be cleared to return to the ship and join Kent.

KGW first spoke to Rebecca Frasure after she and her husband had spent 36 straight hours in their cabin.

"The Captain made an announcement (Wednesday) that they are working with Japanese health authorities to try and get us masks so they can release us in small bunches into common areas, so we can go out onto the decks and get some fresh air,” she said.

She says they were lucky because they took a last-minute upgrade and have a suite with a balcony.

They had even been able to yell from their balcony to other people on the boat to get some extra human interaction.

“There are some people in inside cabins, they don’t have any windows, anything like that,” she said then. “They’re probably going stir crazy.”

The cruise ship delivered meals to Kent and Rebecca three times a day and had put new movies and TV shows on demand for the trapped passengers. They had been watching a lot of TV, Rebecca said.

This quarantine came at the end of the cruise – everyone on board did get to go to all the stops – so that's something.

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