PORTLAND, Ore. -- You can now can get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle by just visiting a first-of-its-kind showroom in downtown Portland.

It's called the Go Forth Electric Showcase.

It's on the corner of Southwest 1st Avenue and Taylor Street. Inside you'll find just about all you need to know about electric vehicles.

Interactive displays show you how an EV runs and where charging stations are located. You can even find out what electric vehicle would suit you best.

One thing you won't find: any of the dealership pressure. That's because, while you can test drive one of several electric vehicles at the showroom, you cannot buy any cars there.

Its purpose is educate those interested in electric vehicles without the pressure to buy.

"It gives them a chance to try them out, take a car for a test drive, actually practice plugging in the charger and see what that feels like and learn about all their options in a stress free environment," said Jeff Allen, executive director of Forth.

Forth, formerly known as Drive Oregon, set up the showroom with the help of a $1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy. Its goal is to double electric vehicle sales in Oregon in the next three years.