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Firefighter injured after being bitten by African serval cat in Clark County

A firefighter is in some pain after they were bit by a pet serval, which is a medium-sized wild cat native to Africa, while responding to a fire call.
Credit: Clack County Fire

FELIDA, Wash. — A firefighter was bitten by an African serval cat while crews were responding to a house fire in the Felida area of Clark County.

According to a release from Clark County Fire District 6, neighbors called to report a fire at a home on NW 38th Avenue. The fire was contained in 25 minutes and there were no injuries from the fire reported.

However, in addition to the first responders called to deal with the fire, animal control was called to manage the serval, who was also unharmed but shaken. 

One firefighter was injured after the cat bit his fingers. Animal control worked with the homeowners until the cat could be contained.

The firefighter is reported to be okay but in pain from the bite.

According to the African Wildlife Foundation, servals are medium-sized wild cats that are native to Africa and are hunted for their furs. They grow to be anywhere from 15 - 40 pounds and eat a variety of meats. According to a spokesperson from Clack County Fire District 6, it is legal for the homeowners to have the serval.