PORTLAND, Ore. -- A tattoo on the inside of Kate Bostick’s left arm is a constant reminder of her late brother, Brian.

“He was a loving, amazing friend, brother, uncle, son,” said Bostick.

Brian Spaulding was killed last June. His body was found inside his home near Northeast 10th Avenue and Fremont Street.

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“The most important thing for me is if someone knows something to please come forward,” said Bostick.

Believing that money may be a motivating factor, family and friends raised $20,000. The money will go to the tipster who leads detectives to the killer or killers.

“If anything is going to make someone say something I feel like it would probably be money,” said Bostick. “$20,000 I feel like is a good amount of money.”

Authorities say CrimeStoppers is still offering $2,500 for information about the case, but they add the cash raised by Spaulding’s family and friends could be quite helpful. Submit a tip

“That extra money could potentially help that witness out if that witness came forward and had to move or be relocated or something,” said Sgt. Pete Simpson of the Portland Police Bureau.

Whatever the case may be, those who loved Spaulding want justice.

“Answers would be nice,” said Bostick. “Brian deserves that.”

Anyone with information about the case is urged to contact the Portland Police Bureau.