MT HOOD, Ore. — Snow in Southern Oregon is not making things easy for people trying to get to their Thanksgiving destinations. A family of four from Portland was not able to make it to Bend Wednesday night because of the snowy conditions. They ended up pitching a tent and spending the night at Government Camp until things cleared up.

“We heard that the road was closed and we asked around and they said there was a bunch of wrecks and we couldn't get through,” explained Matt Blodgett who got stuck at Government Camp with his family.

The family of four piled into their tent that is attached to the top of their car.

“We have a bunch of dogs with us, so it was either stay up in the lodge, which not a lot of rooms allow dogs, so we decided to camp it out,” Blodgett said.

The tent was a little tight for how many people they had, but they made the best of it.

“Two adults, two girls, three dogs,” Blodgett said.

However, all of that body heat was needed. It was about twenty degrees overnight. Blodgett said this is the coldest night they have ever experienced camping and his little girls agreed. When asked how the night in the tent was, the girls replied, “Coooooollllldddd.”

As they warmed up in the car Thursday morning, they were hopeful the roads would be better now, so they can make it to their Thanksgiving dinner.

“We're gonna give it a try and start looking at it, we'll see if we can make it through,” Blodgett said.