PORTLAND, Ore. -- A food cart exploded and caught fire in downtown Portland on Wednesday afternoon.

Two food carts were completely destroyed and 10 cars in a nearby parking lot were damaged by the explosion, which happened at 3:12 p.m. at SW 1st Avenue and SW Columbia Street. Several people suffered minor injuries, but nobody was seriously injured, fire officials said.

The fire started because food cart operators were fueling a generator with gasoline and gas vapors found an ignition source, according to fire officials.

VIDEO: Food cart catches fire in Portland

The heat and flames caused two propane cylinders to rupture, which was the source of the explosion.

Southwest Columbia was closed for two hours after the explosion before reopening at about 5 p.m.

Portland Fire & Rescue wants to remind people to never fuel hot power equipment.

Fire officials said mobile food carts are not regulated by the fire code in the City of Portland because they are considered mobile units and fall under the Federal Department of Transportation guidelines.