PORTLAND, Ore. — Federal employees with ID can receive free movie rentals at Movie Madness through the remainder of the government shutdown. Details here

Wells Fargo is offering a number of options for federal employees affected by the shutdown. Details here.

Rogue Ale and Spirits announced it is offering 25 percent off beer and 50 percent off on food at all its Oregon Coast pubs for the Coast Guard and their families through the end of the government shutdown. 

The discounts are in addition to the everyday 20 percent discount the Coast Guard already receives.

The Portland Japanese Garden has joined other organizations helping furloughed federal employees by offering free admission.

With proper ID, four members of a furloughed family can enter the garden for free, according to spokeswoman Erica Heartquist.

The offer extends to federally contracted employees. Details here.

The Oregon Humane Society offered free pet food for day and the Oregon Zoo is offering free admittance to unpaid federal workers and contractors until the shutdown ends.

They join a growing list of groups in Portland and around the country helping workers who suddenly find themselves without a paycheck.

Of 800,000 federal workers affected by the shutdown, about 500,000 are deemed essential. They are working without pay. The balance are out of work and furloughed.

One of the owners of the Capers Café, Andreas Joly, set out free breakfast for all federal employees at Portland International Airport on Friday. The idea behind the gesture was to do something nice and maybe brighten their day a little bit.

Joly said he planned to provide free lunch as well.

The Portland Police Sunshine Division said people can show their federal ID and get access to their food pantries and clothing rooms at both the Southeast Stark and North Thompson locations.

In Atlanta, furloughed workers with federal ID can get two free beers at Sweetwater Brewery.

In Colorado, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is offering free admission to furloughed workers. A restaurant in Colorado Springs is offering free meals.

In Washington D.C., with a heavy number of federal workers out, DC Water and Washington Gas are offering flexible payment plans. Some banks are offering to revise loan schedules.

In Houston, a list of restaurants offering free food is growing.

 A gym in D.C. is offering free workout times. A local burger chain is offering free meals. Even massage therapists are offering discounts.

In Knoxville, Tenn., the food bank Second Harvest is distributing boxes with enough food for a week to TSA workers.