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Portland cat rapper Moshow: 'I just love cats'

Move over, Socality Barbie. Portland has a new Instagram star.

He’s a cat rapper named Moshow.

We’re going to let the Portland-ness of that sentence sink in.

Moshow visited KGW Thursday in true rapper fashion with his ladies. The difference is these ladies were three cats.

Wearing a sweatshirt covered with cat faces, Moshow told Joe Donlon why he decided to incorporate cats into his music.

“I just love cats, man,” he said. “I love cats, I love rapping. I’m here to spread the cat love.”

Watch: Moshow the 'Cat Rapper' visits Live at 7

Moshow grew up in a public housing project in Baltimore. He said he’s been told his entire life that he wouldn’t make it, but he put himself through college and earned a degree in computer science.

Then Moshow decided to move to Portland.

“I wanted to come somewhere where my music would be respected,” he said. “I came to Portland and my weirdness has been appreciated.”

Moshow raps with his three cats, Tali, Mega and Sushi, all sphynxes. He said he identifies with the hairless felines.

“They kind of remind me of myself. I’m kind of a human sphynx,” he said. “I’m bald, and I’ve always been kind of the weird guy and they’re considered the weird cats.”

The formula works and his career is taking off. He has more than 21,000 followers on Instagram, his cats have a clothing deal, and he’s even Mr. November in a 2016 Purina cat calendar.

Moshow loves cat ladies – “all cat ladies in the world are beautiful,” he says – and cat guys. Every Monday is “Men Love Cats Monday” on his Instagram, where he gives a shout-out to men with cats.

“I want guys to man up and show your love for cats,” he said.

But Moshow says the most important message he spreads is one of acceptance.

“Always be yourself,” he said.

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