PORTLAND, Ore. - The days may be numbered for a colorful mural on North Williams Avenue.

"This is a touchstone for the city, people from all over the world have taken photos here," said artist Tom Cramer.

He was commissioned to paint it in 1989 and has twice helped restore it.

"I wanted it to reflect what was happening inside which is a machine shop and I also wanted it to reflect the spirit of the neighborhood," Cramer explained.

He's concerned it may come down because the building has been sold.

"I believe the property has been purchased by architects who have an office on this same block," added the artist, "I'm hoping if people want to keep it they'll let their feelings be known."

Supporters have started a Facebook page to generate support.

"It's interesting that when we first put it in, some people thought it was too bright but I do believe they've grown to love it."

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