PORTLAND, Ore. – Apparently Portland has a mascot in Japan. And it’s not a Voodoo doughnut, a book from Powell’s, Salt & Straw ice cream or a food cart.

It’s a giant furry friend that we can only describe as a long lost relative of the Abominable Snowman. And according to Redditors, his name is Mr. Dude.

Apparently he’s been around for months. He was born in the spring when Travel Portland released a promotional music video with a song written and performed by Portland band Ages and Ages. It's called “Odnarotoop,” which according to Travel Portland, comes from the Japanese pronunciation of “Portland” spelled backwards.

And thanks to a tourism expo in Tokyo this past weekend, Mr. Dude, and all of the Portland symbols he represents, has resurfaced on social media. He even has his own website.

Check out the music video for “Odnarotoop” and Mr. Dude’s magical Portland journey.