PORTLAND, Ore. -- Thousands cheered when a bird visited Bernie Sanders' podium at the Moda Center, one of the viral moments from the presidential candidate's rally in Portland March 25, 2016.

Sanders was in town to campaign before the Washington caucus March 26 and the Oregon primary May 17. A crowd of more than 11000 attended the rally to hear him speak.

Watch: Bernie Sanders rally in Portland

Sanders discussed his positions on minimum wage, the environment, equal rights and taxes. But a few moments that had nothing to do with Sanders' speech went viral Friday afternoon.

Portland musician Zia McCabe of the band The Dandy Warhols started the rally off with a huge cheer, when she announced, "as a cannabis connoisseur, I support Bernie." (at the 3:10 mark)

The Portland band The Thermals then took the stage, thanking the crowd of 11,500 for "coming out to our record release party."

The crowd went wild when Bernie began to speak, but balked when he incorrectly pronounced Oregon (Or-y-gone, instead of Or-e-gun).

"This is what happens when you're all over the country," he said after wincing.

But the moment that took the internet by storm was when a finch joined Sanders at the podium.

The hashtag #BirdieSanders erupted in Portland and across the nation and the Sanders campaign even joined in on the fun.