BURNS, Ore. -- Ammon Bundy's lawyers on Saturday released a video of Bundy's statement that they say was played to the four remaining occupiers at Malheur National Refuge.

"To those at the refuge, please stand down," Bundy begins the message. "This was never meant to be an armed standoff."

Watch: Ammon Bundy sends message to remaining occupiers

Bundy and seven other armed occupiers were arrested on Jan. 26.

Background: Eight Oregon protesters arrested, one killed during confrontation with police

The day following his arrest, Bundy asked for occupiers to "go home." Three people turned themselves in to the FBI that day.

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The four people who remain at the refuge have said they will only leave if given immunity from prosecution and are ready to die defending their position, according to the Associated Press.

"Please do not make this something it was never meant to be," Bundy says over the phone. "Please go home to your families."

One of the remaining occupiers, Sean Anderson, said the group is waiting for a miracle ending to the dispute.

"We're waiting for our miracle. If this doesn't wake America up, I don't know what will," he said.

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Bundy's lawyer, Lissa Casey, said she thinks Bundy is disappointed in the actions of those who remain at the refuge.

“I think Mr. Bundy is disappointed," Casey said. "The way he feels about it is what they’re doing out there right now detracts from any good that can come from this."

Casey said pro-bono legal counsel has been offered to the four remaining occupiers to help with any decisions they choose to make.

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