BEND, Ore. -- The Deschutes County sheriff's office released video Tuesday of the traffic stops involving Ryan Bundy and Lavoy Finicum.

The video was taken by Bundy on his cellphone. The sheriff's office released, without comment, two videos via its YouTube site.

The Bundy clan was arrested Jan. 26 as they drove from the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge to John Day to meet with sympathizers. They were in two vehicles.

The first video shows the initial stop and the second shows Bundy in Finicum's pickup truck after the activist was shot by the Oregon State Police.

In the first video, Finicum repeatedly taunts police with the suggestion they shoot and kill him. He also says several times they are going to see the sheriff, in this case, Sheriff Glenn Palmer of Grant County.

"You can go ahead and shoot. Put your laser right there. Shoot me through the head," Finicum says at one point.

In the second video, Bundy and two women remain in a pickup filling with tear gas.

"We're hunkered down in here trying not to get shot," he says.