PORTLAND, Ore. -- Protesters caused a Southeast Portland convenience store to close its doors late Friday afternoon.

The protest group "Don't Shoot Portland" said a clerk at the store used a racial slur during a confrontation earlier this week.

Don't Shoot Portland said in a press release that one of its members was in line at the store when the confrontation occurred. Although the person wasn't involved in the altercation, the clerk allegedly directed a racial epithet toward her afterward.

"We at Don’t Shoot believe that it is important to highlight the extreme racism that still exists in our community and across the country," said spokesman Gregory McKelvey. "Many Americans believe that we are living in a post racial society while people of color live through racism every single day."

A store employee told KGW's Mike Benner the allegations aren't 100 percent accurate.

Don't Shoot Portland held a rally at the store, near Southeast 92nd and Flavel Street, a little after 4 p.m.

Police arrived on scene at about 4:45 p.m. and the stored closed shop minutes later. About 30 minutes later, police kicked protesters off the property.

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