PORTLAND, Ore. — A new list of college football programs ranked by financial metrics — revenue and profit — puts the University of Oregon in a passable, but not great, light.

Either way, the Ducks fare much better than their Oregon State counterparts.

The just-released 2019 rankings by Forbes magazine for the 25 most valuable college football programs around the country includes three Pac-12 schools. The Beavers aren't one of them.

SLIDESHOW: College football's most valuable teams

Forbes said the reason the school that occupies the top slot surged to the top of the college football valuation rankings relates alumni contributions tied to athletics construction projects.

A separate study by the Business Journals prior to the start of the 2018-19 season created a College Football Success Index, which ranked teams nationwide based on their on-field record, average attendance and revenue during the past five years.

The Portland Business Journal also regularly tracks college athletics marketing and apparel deals.

The Portland Business Journal is a KGW News partner.

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