PORTLAND, Ore. – Residents of a mobile home park in the Cully neighborhood say they are in a fight to keep their homes.

Residents of the Oak Leaf Mobile Home Park on Northeast Killingsworth Street say the owner needs to let them make an offer to buy, to try to keep a developer from buying the property and closing the park.

Oregon law requires mobile home park owners to notify residents of their intent to sell and allow them an opportunity to make an offer.

Cully area churches, non-profit advocacy groups and legal aid attorneys are helping the residents in their effort. They say it is critical during Portland’s housing and homeless crisis to keep limited affordable housing in place.

”This is a place where people are living because they don’t have many other options and it’s essential that we preserve this kind of housing, first of all. And second that we bring in the resources that are needed to make the needed repairs,” said Cameron Herrington, Anti-Displacement Program Coordinator with Living Cully.

Renae Corbett is a resident at the park. She is trying to stay positive, but does worry about possibly having to move from her $500-dollar-a-month mobile home.

“I’m not doing very well with it. I provide care for my 80-year-old father who has cancer and when he asks me where we’re gonna live I don’t have an answer for him right now. I’ve looked all over,” said Corbett.

Residents can’t afford to buy the property by themselves. So they are looking into low-cost loans.

At a budget hearing next week, they will ask city leaders to contribute $1.5 million to help them keep their homes and make improvements.

KGW tried to contact the property owner for comment. The on-site manager told us they had no comment.