HAZEL DELL, Wash. -- Ruth Morton and her husband Larry had three uneventful years in their apartment on Northeast 88th Circle, until sometime after midnight on Halloween. Someone stole their burgundy Plymouth Voyager minivan.

Inside the van was a red three-wheel scooter that's been a lifeline for Ruth. She beat cancer nine years ago, but it took a toll; neuropathy makes it hard to walk and stand for any length of time. Diabetes doesn’t help, either. Larry had a stroke recently that makes mobility harder for him, too.

Also in the van, a couple of folding wagons for shopping.

Losing it all makes life much harder, for this couple on a fixed income.

"Right now we're not (going anywhere) and right now is the crucial time of the month; we’ve got to pay our bills and get groceries and whatnot,” said Ruth. “It's just frustrating because we try, try, try to do the best we can for ourselves to survive. And the more we try to make it easier on ourselves it seems like somebody wants to take that all away.”

The van is a 1999 Plymouth Voyager with peeling burgundy paint. It has a dented front right fender, and Washington license plate AUP6997. If you see it or the items that were inside it, call the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

The Mortons wish whoever stole the van would have a heart and return it. But they’re not counting on it.