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Coastal communities worry of possible slides with heavy rain

There is the potential for landslides, along with rising rivers and streams.

OTIS, Ore — With heavy rain still in the forecast for much of western Oregon, there is the potential to see slides, along with rising rivers and streams.

One place that is paying close attention to that are the coastal communities, especially in the community of Otis. The Salmon River runs right along the Otis and it has been running fast and furious. Not only has the rain been nonstop, it’s been windy too. It’s that wind that has Otis residents like Ed and Kevin Dunkeson on edge.

They live right where the wildfires devastated Otis in September, when flames were sparked and spread by high winds. While their house didn’t burn like their neighbors around them, they worry about the possibility of slides.

“We worry more about slides up here. The hill right up there the trees are all gone. We had to do a retaining wall because of all of the structures that held everything are gone," said Dunkeson. 

They’re both concerned the protection they once had is gone. The two men said when the winds pick up now, it sounds like a train coming down the hill.

Like many in this small coastal town, they’re just hoping for a break from Mother Nature, a break that can’t come soon enough for those who are still trying to rebuild.

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