PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Clackamas Service Center is back to work after a fire on Monday.

“We're doing OK, pretty overwhelmed,” said Executive Director Debra Mason. “We are up to the task, but there is so much to figure out.”

The building is not safe to work in or to use for their food bank. There is a lot of fire and water damage and the roof will have to be replaced. It will take months to fix, but Mason says things could have been worse.

“After Clackamas Fire finished fighting the fire they helped us get all the food out,” Mason said. “We'll have to now go back and throw a little bit away, but the majority of food has been redistributed and is out in the community.”

Workers set up tables and chairs in front of the center, located at 8800 SE 80th Ave.

The center is still helping to deliver mail to people who don't have an address and the Outside Inn is providing medical care in their parking lot. Mason says the need in this area is too great to let the fire shut them down.

“I know that a lot of people depend on them,” said Jennifer Roberts, owner of the Dutch Bros. down the street.

She says all the money they make on Wednesday July 12, will be donated to the center.

“I want to help and it just seems like a really good cause,” said Roberts.

Mason says their services are going to be limited without a safe building but they won't stop working for the community.

“We are meeting the need and haven't run out of food yet.”

Mason says she doesn’t know how a fire could have started on the back porch of the building. She is hoping to find out more from investigators next week.